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Vibrating Rocks in England! - Avebury Formation

Vibrating Rocks in England! - Avebury Formation

I have a new English client, Colin, one of my MySpace friends. In honor of his wonderful, wise spirit, I’ve decided that England should be the focus of this week’s blog. Thank you Colin for your support and wisdom! May your engineer’s spirit soar with this tidbit.

In 2005, I visited my friend Mike in England. He took me to the rock formation called Avebury, which is larger and more impressive to me in complexity than Stonehenge. Some of the rocks when I touched them, gave off high sounding/feeling frequencies, some low and others very deep and rumbly, almost like the sound of a giant generator humming, in a pulsating manner. Both Mike and I experienced headaches when we got near the two gigantic rocks (maybe 20 feet high) on the back field. I sat down on one of the rocks and asked a few questions and jotted down some notes and drawings. They went back to Mike’s and asked for a formal reading about the site. This is what I heard. When I looked up the basic components of a telephone, it all made perfectly good sense. I thought you might be interested. My questions are in all CAPS.

March 27, 2005

Message I received:

Avebury was as you were told, an ancient communication system that was used to reach other worlds, and to communicate with God. The frequency created by those power lines (underneath) are capable of allowing normal, non-gifted people to hear what approximates God’s voice so that they were clear about what was needed to be done. When Mike said that they must have had an enormous communication and planning line, he was correct. They were able, because there was so little interference in ancient times with the natural electrical systems and power systems and they were unblocked, to communicate and hear more freely through the systems of charges and power.

There is a very interesting phenomena going on throughout the entire world, as pertains to all of those power systems and what they call the ley lines. There is connected power throughout all the systems they have discovered and hundreds more that they have not identified yet, that enables the proper user to not only be able to use the lines for communication, but also for travel and for healing, but additionally they can also do all kinds of psychic communication with each other and between themselves if they know how to use these systems. The trick to it is in the identification of the full grid of power and the differences in frequencies within the power lines.

There is a system on top of a system, and then another under each of them, layering down to a depth of 11 that has to be figured out in order to be able to fully understand it all. That is what is happening under Avebury, it overlays to the depth of 11, but only the top three levels have been discovered. The patterns are overlapping it seems, but not actually, they are at different depths. In the proper configuration, there is an ability to move into the core of the earth and pick up the power systems there which are very different and have a different set of structures than the ones they are able to connect to. It is only necessary to utilize the ones to the depth of 11 in order to be able to use the communication system, but there are at least 386 below, to the core of the earth, and then it begins again as it moves to the opposite side of the earth. That is what is happening. Ultimately, that gives you twice that depth and amount of lines, working from the core up.

Still, it is the ability to tap into the top 11 layers that allows humans, and others to be able to communicate beyond your world, and with God. People who have and operate with what you call psychic abilities, are able to tap into the levels of the first 11. That is what allows them to communicate with the vibratory level of seemingly inanimate objects such as rock. That is what makes the earth feel alive, and what provides spurts in growth for many things as well. It is the energy of the top layers that in essence makes the world go round.

The energy of the lower levels connects your planet with the others in the universe, and with other forms in the universe. That is your common bond in the entire world, and what makes all of you one to some great extent. The 11 makes humans, animals and plants one, because it is a common frequency, some frequencies greater used by some than others, but available to all. The tapping of those frequencies allows that.

When you have a person who can move through dimensions and reach others throughout other universes and planets, they are able to momentarily tap into the lower frequencies, though usually only briefly. They take on different forms to do so, and can at times, move between both worlds in essence, but that is rare. Generally, the human form cannot take on the energy level without combusting. It is too much to endure. However, in the few times that it is possible, they are in control of internal mechanisms that are beyond your comprehension.


Yes, but they will have to bring the questions in such a form that you will be comfortable not having to understand the answers first, at this level of your development. Otherwise you may interpret and not give them the true answers they are seeking. It may become distorted.


What a question to ask. Are you either? These questions are important to more than they, so they are appropriately asked by all. The questions you ask now may be interpreted best by scientists though, to understand Avebury.


A giant telephone. The portion that you identified in the center, with the three red stones is the receiver, just like picking up the telephone receiver. The giant stones in the open field that are catecorner to one another are the transmitters, and they operate at an entirely different frequency than any of the others because of the placement on the lines beneath and the shape and placement of the stones. They are the transmitters of both psychic thought and internal conversation.

The lane of rocks that comes from the bottom of the hill and shoots up to the top of the hill is without too much fanfare, a conduction source, that is best activated by lightning, but it can be activated by other energy sources, included the vocal intonations of human beings.

If a single person, or actually it would take four people to run the machine, wanted to communicate, they would have to be assisted by an energy source. Lightning would be preferable, but fire, in its proper source and configuration, with the use of some of the stones that vibrate at a similar, and at higher levels could be used to ignite the communication system, for lack of a better term. The placement of the people makes this minimal system of four, extremely essential.

However, the best way to activate the system, and the way most commonly used at Avebury and at others around the planet, was through vocal tones that activated the rocks, or rather the internal electrical systems of the rocks. The formation and placement of the rocks, and the type of rock, is then able to move together, sort of in unison to be able to create the right set of circumstances to be able to hear and receive messages. All who were able to hear, and who were connected to the 11 lines in the right places were then able to hear and speak. They are always heard, but they could only get confirmation of that when they were able to actually hear responses.

The placement of the communicators was the crucial part of this system, and most of them were not placed in what is commonly considered the places a person would stand to feel the full effect. The most prominent place for a listener was right about in the middle of the road between the red rocks and the flat rocks. The are some rocks missing on the opposite side, near the ditch that are essential for the correct intake of information. You did not see them.

The purpose of the ditches was to cause the 11 layers to bounce back within the grid in order not to move in their natural pattern , which would take them out of the entire system and weaken the transmission/reception ability. That is essential, or the signals would be weakened and too light for most of those people attempting to communicate. The lip on the field around the transmission field helped to catch in essence, the power and the energy necessary to send.


For the times it was. The people knew instinctively that they could communicate, and those who were most connected to God were then able to hear the best and were used as the communicators on the telephone.


In some ways it could, but it would only work for the lower level psychics to some degree, who have not learned to harness the energy for themselves. To a great degree it is not necessary today because of the development of skills.


Not likely, though there was a greater likelihood in ancient times because of the purity of the earth’s power. Some things have evolved in humans now, and some things are less. This would be a case when it would matter.


Yes, that is why they seem to rumble to you. They are the receiver, and the flat rock behind them is one of the those used to bounce back the message in essence. However, it is not the only one that works. It is just the strongest one left because of the loss of some of the others. In their natural arrangement, they all bounce off of each other and create their own strong frequencies even when not being used. That is missing in part because of the missing components.


Sort of, but certainly not quite that simple. Each tonation had to be precise and the songs were quite exact, causing a trigger of sort as you call it, to make the placed rocks vibrate at a different level.


Not much more you will understand. However, the 11 lines are losing some of their potency under the site, but that has much to do with the amount of energy that is not coming in from the different people who visit. They are changing the energy of the site to some degree. It could be cleansed and restored however.


For people who wonder, folks, I could not possibly make this up! I suspect there is some scientist working on this as we speak too, which in my opinion, is why the chasm between spirituality and science needs to stop, and some common ground needs to be taken seriously, routinely. I spoke to Mike’s father who said that they have identified two of the ley lines there, that he knew of at that time. That was 2005 though.

More stuff to think about , huh?

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