Saturday, May 5, 2007

Spiritual Evolution

The Spiritual Evolution

We are headed toward a new spiritual paradigm in which exclusionary religious practices will become archaic. That, in my opinion, is probably good, because it makes it much harder to "kill in the name of God" if nobody else agrees that God sanctions killing in Her/His/Its name. The reason this is happening is because it has proven to be such an inefficient and self-destructive system to operate in a mode of exclusion, as in "If you do not believe in ___ then you will not go to heaven; or You are not a child of God; or it is our right to exclude you from whatever because you are an abomination." None of these practices have anything to do with God, and apparently, the Creator is tired of us lying on It/Him/Her.

Thus people like me, who can hear directly, are getting messages from the other side to stop this nonsense, and people who can feel the true love and power of God are recognizing it for the archaic belief systems of control that they are. It is up to those who understand this, to gently help those who do not to begin to understand so that we can evolve to the next spiritual level and grow.

I'm interested in other opinions about the possibilties! I'd like to hear from anyone with a respectful opinion, as this is not meant to be a time of anger and egos, but of efforts to unite and evolve so that we might all graduate to the next spiritual levels, and live to discuss it. Pain from religious one-up-manship will not stop at somebody else's borders much longer.