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Being Spiritually Courageous

Original post - Oct. 26, 2007

Being Spiritually Courageous

I’ve had an interesting week as seems to be the case when a new lesson is introduced by God.

I join a lot of groups because I am confronted with so many clients with truly difficult issues in their lives, so I try and listen to everyone’s point of view. Being a part of varied groups allows me to check the posts each morning and know if some new thread presents an issue I’ve never heard of or a new perspective on something I have dealt with before. Most of my readings are by e-mail and I never see the person, so I’m comfortable with reading people’s communications.

Because of that, I got a friend request from a person in one of the Atheist groups that I belong to, a “free thought” group. I was going to accept, but when I went to his page, he is a huge supported of a person who is a rabid anti-paranormal/mystic/beyond material understanding person, famous for his attacks on anyone who believes or claims knowledge of a world I live every day. So I communicated to this person that I had a problem with that man because his lack of tolerance for what he does not know, hurts people. This can be hard enough to navigate without attacks.

The person’s response was caustic, attacking, and insulting and said something like “quick, tell me ten personal things right now or shut up, which you can’t”! I was trying to think of an even handed response, which took about 30 mins., and after writing what I would do in response to his attack, I sent it only to have it not go anywhere because he had blocked me. Clearly, he didn’t want an answer.

Well I wanted to see what the lesson was in this case, so I found the common group and posted a challenge that there is another way, other than exclusive religious dogma on one end, and a total void of a spiritual being or world on the other end. There is middle ground. So after really, really checking to be sure I was not in a ego state, I suggested that I do 5 readings for five people in the group, they discuss the validity between themselves if they feel they can be open minded and honest, and if they found 75% accuracy, that we approach a discussion differently, starting with the concepts in my book.

Thus far, I have been called names, been responded to with ludicrous, childish nonsense, but still no takers. Not one person said they would try it, or even had a civil reaction to it, which surprised me, because free thought is supposed to be part of their religion, (and it looks the same to me) I thought.

When God is teaching us something new, I’ve noticed that it comes in threes for me. So as I was trying to process the information, I got a call from another Atheist, about something unrelated that I initiated contact with him a week or so ago. The conversation went well at first, and he knew who I was because he knew my age from this site, but then he didn’t seem to know that I was clairaudient, or even what that meant. Well all of that is hard to understand because this page begins with “I hear dead people”, right above my age. Hard to miss. So I know I’m in chapter three of this lesson. The conversation went terribly down hill, and when I said that once again I would do a reading for him, which he liked as an idea in the beginning, but after suggesting that I put myself in a situation to be attacked, which I refused to do unless we started with the reading, he hung up on me, wrote me a note about taking my meds, and that was it.

Interesting how these lessons come, and why I had to get it with Atheists this week is fascinating. Now I’m sure that there are Atheists who can actually have a conversation without being rude, insulting or attacking, so the lesson isn’t about Atheists. I suspect the lesson came through them so that I could be clear that spiritual closedmindedness is an equal opportunity oppressor. But what the lesson does seem to be about is spiritual courage. These particular people seem to be too afraid to let in the possibility that there may actually be some validity to this system of energetic action, communication with continued spirits, that they don’t understand. So afraid, that they will attack rather than ever listen or attempt to hear or understand. Spiritual courage seems to be having the conviction to openly examine your own belief system, and let it stand on its own, or more importantly, listening to other thoughts and having the courage to adjust what you believe if something new comes along that makes more sense to you, after open examination. That’s the trick.

I don’t think spiritual courage has to do with being anchored to God, because we are all anchored to God whether we think we are or not. We are not powerful enough to disembark, no matter how far afield our actions seem from God, and no matter what we think we are doing in our little pea brained attempts to be independent. We are still under It/Her/His observation and connection. I’ve had the same thing happen with a few Christians and Muslims who are so attached to what they believe that they literally could not hear another person’s opinion or experience. That is why the world is a mess right now. People being used by those who know this dynamic, and people who cannot hear anything other than what they believe or know. Makes a person really easy to control, one way or another.

So what creates fear so great, that we can’t, no refuse to take in any new information like this, when it happens? What would be lost if we just listened to something we don’t know, and in my case in these situations, actually took a step to see? Actually listened and not just listened long enough to get our point in or attack. Think of the changes that would happen in the world if that happened. Think of the growth! Think of how much information gets in when we approach the world as if we can actually learn from others, which is frankly, part of our collective lesson. To be spiritually courageous so we can learn individually, and learn collectively. I think that is part of why mystics have so many different skills and no one of us has all the skills. We are not meant to. We are like everyone else, supposed to work together to make the one big picture work. Additonally, with too much at once, we might lose sight of why we have them and get big headed. We have them, I’ve been told, to be an available source for those who cannot hear yet. But if we continue to evolve as human spirits, everyone will eventually. That is why more people have it now, than did 300 years ago. We are changing, though apparently that is after losing some of what we had a couple of centuries ago, because we have succumbed to limited spiritual thinking and input.

So I’d like opinions. How does a person let go of fear and judgment enough to actually hear something that is uncomfortable for them? Do you think it has to start with their spiritual state; or mental; or emotional or just plain IQ. I’ve read that IQ may well be a test of how fast a person can take in information, process it and be ready for new information. That makes sense to me, because I have seen some very smart people who don’t test high on IQ. When I look at them closely, they are usually very stubborn, and refuse to let go of the way they see things in order to let in new concepts. In other words, they are brilliant in one thing, but can’t move quickly to another. I believe there is a spiritual IQ that works like that. The higher it is, the more open minded a person is and can hear other views, the lower, the more unaccepting. Has nothing to do with brain power.

So what do you think? What blocks spiritual communication between otherwise intelligent people, and how do we bridge that when the information is uncomfortable?

I’d love to hear from you.

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