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The Role of Good and Evil

August 30, 2007 - Thursday

Moral Simplicity and The Role of Good and Evil

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I was about to write something in keeping with my guest on The Spiritual Envoy this week, Clive Doucet, who wrote the book Urban Meltdown, about making spiritual choices and keeping morality simple. Then it dawned upon me that I have already written that in my book The Next God, so I decided to include this short chapter instead. I've never taken a chapter out of the book and published it in some other form, because I've been afraid it would not be able to stand alone. This chapter requires that the reader have some understanding of the chapter before it, which is about making choices and choosing door number one, two or three, and it requires some acceptance that I speak to many spirits that are unseen. Otherwise, I think it can stand alone, so here goes. Hope you enjoy it!


Without doubt, this is a volatile and misunderstood subject, the significance of good and evil. Please remember that what I am writing is a compilation of my understanding of discussions with God, as well as other spirits. In an ultimate sort of way, good is the mechanism we use to become our best spiritual selves. However, it is also subjective which is why so many religions exploit the concept in order to further their own agenda. Good, according to one culture, is not the same as another culture, so it may be difficult to discern the usage of this term. The same goes for evil. Therefore, clearly the terms and their usage cannot be used in an ultimate sort of way to describe an ultimate state of being, like being our highest or best spiritual selves. However, they are tools to help us get to this state, but only tools and not the goal.

Even writing this feels like writing a riddle, and I know what I'm talking about, so I can imagine how difficult a concept this is from someone else's perspective. I'll try and explain. There are many factors that relate to this.

For lack of a better manner in which to evaluate these ideas, the Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language – College Edition; 1953 definition might be a good place to start. It is important to note that it does not give examples of what it defines as evil, like in sentence usage. It defines evil as follows:

" adjective - 1. Morally bad or wrong; wicked; depraved. 2. causing pain or trouble; harmful; injurious. 3. threatening or bringing misfortune; unlucky,; disastrous; unfortunate, as, and evil hour. 4. resulting from or based on conduct regarded as immoral; as, an evil reputation. Noun – 1. anything morally bad or wrong; wickedness; depravity, sin. 2. anything that causes harm, pain, misery, disaster, etc."

While all of these definitions have some validity, they are based upon subjective reasoning, supported by cultural biases for the most part. However, there is a definition that stands the universal test and applies to any culture or method of thinking that I believe should be applied to our understanding of this concept. Bear in mind that of all the talks I have had with folks from the other side, and with God, they do not use the term evil, unless they determine that I cannot comprehend what is being said otherwise, and even then, it comes out something like "what you might think of as evil". In fact that was in the beginning of my communications, and now that I no longer think that way, they no longer have to communicate with me in such simplistic terms. Their choice for some spirit gone awry is to say that they are "misguided". Usually I try to use that term as well, but will use both for these purposes.

So if we have a misguided spirit, in this life or on another plane, they always have one thing in common, at least from my observation of them. They always execute some form of action that seeks to impose their will over another person's, or group of people, or objects or positions in our plane, and sometimes in the next, resulting in the oppression of another's rights. Anyone who suppresses another's rights can be evil even if that person is not attempting to in fact, exact misguided behavior upon them. That, to me is the true definition of evil. Morality and all the other systems Webster uses to define evil fall under this larger action.

Most evil is difficult to comprehend and hard to identify if you are not an independent thinker, because people who operate in evil, seldom mean to, and rarely recognize their own misguided behavior. M. Scott Peck in his book "People of the Lie" best explains the concept and state of evil in everyday people. It does not always look like something demonic, like the obvious folks such as Hitler, Idi Amin, and Jeffrey Dahmer. It is also in the will of a husband to control every action his wife takes, or the will of a parent to protect a child by giving them over-the-top information like "if you tell a lie, a monster is going to wait until you go to sleep and come out from the closet and eat your toes".

What these actions do is build fear and take away another's right to connect to God and be their best spiritual selves, because they are too busy trying not to be eaten alive, either by real monsters or imaginary ones. The evil occurs in the creation of the fear, and then the resulting immobilization of the spirit that occurs as a result of that fear. Most true evil is very subtle, and almost unrecognizable if you aren't paying attention. I'll bet that parent has no concept that their actions have an evil effect on their child, none. But the terror can be long lasting and thwart the development of a normally developing spirit being, and give them more to conquer. While that may be part of the tests that God puts before them, the choice to choose door number one – the lazy choice on the parent's part (tell a ridiculous lie to a five year old that will stop all undesired action like getting up in the middle of the night so the parent can sleep); and/or struggling to believe (the easy choice and door number one for the child) or not believe (the hard spiritual choice and door number three for the child) this absurdity as a five year old, the spirit who makes the most difficult choice, is probably going to make the most spiritual progress. That goes for the child and each parent. We all make our spiritual journey alone to some degree, even when we are together as humans. However, without doubt, to utter such words and impose fear upon another being, even for their own safety and sake, is evil/misguided because its dishonesty promotes fear. From what I've been told, the goal of this exercise is to overcome the evil and choose to be your best spiritual self – always. In that manner, good nor evil is the ultimate goal, but only the mechanism to achieve the ultimate.

In further explanation of this, mass evil has become so regular that we no longer recognize it if we are not clear about our connection to God. For example, the following is the definition of evil found in the Encarta World English Dictionary; 1999:"

ADJ.. - 1. morally bad – profoundly immoral or wrong. 2. harmful – deliberately causing great harm, pain, or upset as in "This evil act is clearly the work of terrorists". 3. Devilish – connected with the Devil or other powerful destructive forces as in evil spirits. 4. causing misfortune – characterized by, bringing, or signifying bad luck as in an evil omen 5. malicious – characterized by a desire to cause hurt or harm – an evil mood 6. disagreeable – very unpleasant – What an evil smell!

NOUN 1. wickedness – the quality of being profoundly immoral or wrong 2. evil, Evil force causing harmful effects – the force held to bring about harmful, painful, or unpleasant events as in a struggle between good and evil.

What happened between 1953 and 1999? Why has a public information source decided to bias the thinking of the reader in this manner. Why didn't Webster do it before? What is happening here and who is seeking to influence whom in this situation? What door did the person who cleared the words "This evil act is clearly the work of terrorists" choose when presented with doors number one, two and three by God?

These are United States books according to the copyright information. Presumably, they are created by US, or at least English, people, and are primarily for U.S. domestic distribution first, and then foreign distribution. The US has one of the worst track records of human rights violations of any country in the world against African Americans, Native Americans, Asian Americans and women. Native Americans have been killed off intentionally with "small pox blankets" and poisoned water supplies, hunted down and slaughtered en masse – men, women and children; African Americans have been enslaved, beaten, hung, shot, sprayed with water, bombed, slaughtered on slave ships, pregnant stomachs of black mothers slit open while they were still alive and hung, and Asian Americans have been imprisoned, killed and degraded at will in the history of this country. And yet is there anyone who thinks that this dictionary is alluding to US citizens when it refers to terrorists? Not hardly.

This is a clear example of choosing door number one, the seemingly easy one. Someone in Encarta who had final control, decided that this not so subtle dissemination of biased information was appropriate, thereby influencing who knows how many minds that take in this data and supporting popular thinking about who terrorists are as it calls on the popular version of a definition of a terrorist – which at that time was foreign (from another country), usually a person of color, politically or religiously driven, and anti American or European. But what does that do to all those minds absorbing this information? So the logical question becomes whether or not the word "terrorist" in association with "evil" further explained the meaning of evil, or did it just give us something to focus on that furthered somebody's agenda in this situation. There is no mention of the etymology of the word or its origin country, which happens to be France. Below is the Wikipedia version found on the internet under "define terrorist - etymology", at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Terrorist.

Main article: Definition of terrorism"
The term "terrorism" comes from the French word terrorisme, which is based on the Latin language verbs terrere (to frighten) and deterrere (to frighten from). It dates to 1795 when it was used to describe the actions of the Jacobin Club in their rule of Revolutionary France, during the so-called "Reign of Terror". Jacobins are rumored to have coined the term "terrorists" to refer to themselves. Acts described as Jacobin Club "terrorisme" were mostly cases of arrest and execution of opponents as a mean of frightening the "enemies of the Revolution".

The United Nations Office for Drug Control and Crime Prevention has proposed a short legal definition —that "[an act of terrorism is] the peacetime equivalent of a war crime." A US court found that "the malice associated with terrorist attacks transcends even that of premeditated murder." Flatow v. Iran: Order. CA No. 97-396 (RCL)"

Both the Webster and the Wikipedia version have more broad and inclusive points of view about this subject area, but Encarta seems quite comfortable making the choice of delivering somewhat biased information as if it is neutral. In fact it seems to use this methodology often when defining what it seems to consider subjective definitions which define manner of thinking or seeing the world, and yet does not do the same thing when defining seemingly less flexible definitions

What does all this mean in the spiritual sense? Somebody or bodies at Encarta opened door number one, and bypassed doors number two and three. They did not challenge themselves and their beliefs in order to deliver the most neutral explanation of "evil", and then built further on their lack of neutrality with the supporting definitions. Why? Was it so much work to try and give a neutral point of view considering the weight a dictionary has, or did someone, or some people make the choice to stop at their own limited thinking and agenda? Part of why we are going to hell in a hand basket as a world, is because we have become spiritually lazy and arrogant. From a spiritual standpoint, they might have taken what looks like the easiest door. Each action, that each of us takes, affects so many more than just ourselves. Think of all the young minds that have been influenced by this limited point of view, and loaded direction.

There is one more thing about this kind of slant toward uneven actions. God looks for us to correct ourselves and choose the right door. What is happening lately, is that too many of us, too often, choose door number one and so the world is all out of whack and destroying itself. We have been mislead by some religions to believe that magically, God will save us and we will all be alright no matter what kind of mess we create here with our bad decisions. Think again. I have it from the horse's mouth so to speak. It ain't necessarily so . . .


The Question of Homosexuality

The Question of Homosexuality

September 1, 2007

Earlier this week, I had a client ask this question:

“Is being gay wrong? That has always troubled me. Thank you.”
I compiled a response that I think represents what I have learned thus far about this subject through my ability as a Clairaudient.  It is very simple to understand if we remember that the true God, not the manmade one, runs EVERYTHING.  


This, life, is all a journey, and all of us have tasks to accomplish that complete certain lessons. Let is suffice to say, that from what I know about the nature of reincarnation, more than likely, we will ALL be gay at some point in our journey, as we will all be bigots at some point. Each lifetime has something to teach us. So try and see it this way if you can. God runs EVERYTHING, and we are made, each lifetime, to accomplish the tasks She/He/It has put before you to do. Your primary goal is to weather and accomplish the challenges in that lifetime - your own perception, other's perception, physical challenges, etc. - with the most grace and self-awareness, so that ultimately in each lifetime, you strive for and accomplish being your very best spiritual self. All you have to do is look at a Hermaphrodite to know that God creates people with a range of hormonal levels that do not fall under the "all male" or "all female" categories. If that is true, a person created by God, who is more powerful than we can imagine, can never be anything but perfect, as they are. So if you were "born" with these proclivities, then you are as you should be and carrying out the design you were given this lifetime to live and work with and through, never forgetting and always focused upon being your best self.

Now, having said all of that, however, if being gay is a response to pain and a "decision" made out of reacting to that pain, like say from being molested as a child, or raped, or hating an opposite sexed parent, etc., that is a different issue. It is your responsibility to make sure that you are not allowing the experience to somehow distort your natural spiritual self, to become someone you were not inclined to be. Therefore, you must make sure that your spirit is not damaged, and that you are going with that and harboring anger and hatred developed out of pain. That is not appropriate and must be worked on in order to become your best spiritual self.

Let's say that at the end of that true and genuine examination, and even if you began a journey in homosexuality out of pain, but you have worked hard to make sure you have rid yourself of all hatred, pain, angst, prejudice against the offending sex who originally hurt you, and you still choose to become homosexual after having righted yourself spiritually, that may have been part of God's lesson, and you may be your best spiritual self at that point, but that is tricky. Most, or maybe many people don't actually do the work to be sure they are spiritually well, and somewhere in the backs of their minds is the feeling that "all men are pigs!" or such. Then no, you haven't as a spirit, worked everything out.

Then there is another factor to consider. God runs this show, always. And if you were a bigot against homosexuals in a past lifetime, and say killed one because of your hatred, you can bet that somewhere along the reincarnation journey, you are likely to become a homosexual and that is your task to come back and understand. In that case, you might well be, but not always be, a homosexual who has to learn and understand what pain is caused by such behavior. You might well be in turmoil as a homosexual this lifetime, or be abused as one, or by some and not be homosexual at all, but around them, or work for the causes of same just as well. That also depends upon how God determines you should have the lessons that She figures will bring you to become your best spiritual self during this lifetime.

Therefore, it is a very complex thing, each of our lives, and could not possibly have one ridiculous rule like "all homosexuals are against God and nature, and thus wrong"! Only a controlling person or people who has/have no true understanding of the complexities of God, and the all powerful nature of this master alchemist could impose such a hateful, damaging belief system upon another human being.

Let it go, if it haunts you - on either side of the issue - and strive to become your best spiritual self at all times. Don't let people damage you with their feeble attempts to interpret for a being so much more than most dare to imagine. That is the reason that small minded people develop a system to shame another human being, because they lack the capacity to comprehend such power as is God. Your goal, and mine, is to always get to the root of things and become the most loving and surefooted beings who dispel hate and bigotry in any form. That is our primary and absolute task on this plane, in this dimension, to become our best spiritual selves. Assigning small minded attributes to a being of such enormous and from our standards, infinite power, is just absurd and insulting, like a gnat determining how an elephant pulls a tree trunk down, as if.

If you are doing that, working every day at being and becoming your best self, then you are perfect, so I’ve been told!

The Power of an Open Mind



If I had to put a numerical value upon the reasons that some people are successful with the readings I offer and eventual spiritual growth and change, and others are not, it would have to equate to the level of open-mindedness that they have, exhibit and act upon. It is not will or strength that makes for changes initially, but instead those factors drive the direction that an open mind determines. It is not love or wonder either, unless they are new by-products of the actions taken by an open mind. It appears that an open mind paves the way for any changes a spirit must make to better itself, and a closed mind either shuts down the road, or makes a massive detour of the road toward spiritual progress.

So what makes a person operate with an open mind, and thus make more spiritual progress? Apparently, the decision to do so is all that is needed. The decision then guides things like true self examination and evaluation and the release of old ideas that work against a person, toward the acceptance and incorporation of new ideas, that then activate and support change. Without an open mind, none of these actions can take place because the person will never see or hear enough new information to take in anything except what they already know. This is where I’d say, if my practice is any indication, about 40% of the world resides in their head and spirit. This is why the world is a mess, and God is allowing us to deal with it, with little intervention until we unlearn this malady of self involvement that keeps us from having an open mind.

Therein lies the problem. It is not likely that anyone would knowingly choose to stay “stuck on stupid” by choice, when even they can see that there is something wrong. I am speaking of the group of folks that come to me primarily; because I know first hand that they have identified an issue, because they did in fact come to me. So it is not a broad group, but one already seeking answers. That puts them in good standing to be ready to change at some point, because they have at least identified the fact that something other than their own way of seeing the world, might be of use to them on their spiritual journey. That’s a great step. But what happens after that first step to the 40%, is confusing.

However time, it seems, does heal and fix all things, as long as one is working. Even the 40%, does not usually stay stuck entirely, but makes some change, usually in accordance with the things that are most painful in their lives. So since I have observed that this happens, I’ve tried to examine what common factors cause the slow down or halt, at the places where people do stop their trek toward growth. Though 40% may not make any significant changes, of the 60% who do, about 35% to 40% make some changes, and then stop. It is that rare 20% to 25% that actually attacks a reading like a job, and studies to make the changes real and concrete almost 24/7 that I am amazed with. Most of us range in that 35% to 40% group, me included, though the longer I do this, the more I dance between this group – the sometimes stubborn – to the 20/25% group – the never stubborn, or in other words, closed minded. The terms are generally synonymous it seems.

Since I am also affected by this syndrome from time to time, I’ve looked at this phenomena to try and determine how we, the thinking and reasonable people who are looking to find spiritual answers, get to and hit this wall. When others in that 20% rarely do, which ultimately is the goal. The common denominator from what I can tell, is that when we are confronted with a concept that is against our present belief system, we stop letting in new information, and thus we stop taking the action that works toward moving us steadily forward, spiritually speaking. In that manner, we stop our own show, but if we don’t give up, we will come back, find that stopping place that immobilized us, and push through it.

A good example of this is in that wonderful Visa check cashing commercial in which all of these young people – must be teens and in their twenties because of the things they can do with their bodies – are in a clothing store buying things, and everything is moving along famously, fine, like a well oiled machine. And then this young man gets up to the counter, after a mind defying robotic, disjointed, floor to effortless standing walk (if you can call it that) to the counter and pulls out his check book. Everything stops, because he has slowed the progress of forward movement by this one little glitch that stopped not only his, but everyone else’s entire interaction. He quickly figures it out, changes gears, pulls out the check card and everything begins to flow freely again.

That’s what this stall in spiritual development is like, caused by the actions of a closed mind. It is a stall that stops all movement not only in our spirit, but in the people surrounding us, and the world in which we live. This happens each and every time we stop the movement with out own inability to have an open mind and keep pushing through that which we don’t understand. It happens each time we force other people to have to bend to our will, and bend to our method of operation because we can’t be open minded enough to find a new way, or adjust to one that is going well. Often, we’d rather stick with what we know, even if it is not efficient, good, reasonable or beneficial, still, it is familiar. We have successfully protected our closed mind so that we can stay safe in the knowledge that what we have believed, is as things are. But to what end?

On a personal level, it only slows our growth. On a community level, in tends to make us plan foolishly, for the protection of ourselves and our own small concerns while we ignore the larger group – or more germane, the ideas of others that are not our own, but require a broader perspective, or an open mind. When that concept is carried out into the global community, we have a hot mess! And has anybody noticed? That is exactly what we have.

So when presented with a personal opportunity to adjust our particular mode of operation and exercise an open mind, it behooves us to do so, so that we can flex this ability and make it stronger, and thus move from self, to small community, to larger global community, so that when we have the technology and abilities (and it is coming folks, eventually) to move into a universal community, if we have not mastered this ability to move differently from a closed mind, we will take our same bad habits and consequent messes with us. We will not be trained or able to function in an environment with others who have mastered this skill, and we will all suffer. So let’s work harder at finding and keeping an open mind, and reducing the down time for open-minded thinking to 0%. That way, we spend more time being productive and moving forward, like the incredibly flexible young man in the Visa advertisement.

Such a great metaphor they developed in a seemingly innocuous television commercial. An open mind, creates greater flexibility, and thus forward movement. Let us all strive for that for ourselves, and the world. It is no mistake that God put us in this training ground with all the obstacles. We have to work to learn this concept and put it to use in every conceivable situation. The key word is “work”.