Sunday, August 12, 2007

Save Yourself First, The the Rest of the World is EAST!

Save Yourself First, Then The Rest of the World is EASY!

When you can talk to continued spirits like I can, you ask a lot of questions about who we are, and why we are here. You get some answers too.

So the gist of what I have learned from them is that we have three major directives and purposes:

1 - To always do no harm to others
2 - To do no harm to ourselves
3 - To learn, and become the best spirits in human form that we can possibly be, so we can evolve

It is really pretty simple when you think about it, and just about everything I can think of, falls under those thee directives. It does however, require a massive shift in thinking, because it places responsibility for what happens to us, our own "salvation" if you will, squarely upon our own shoulders, where it should be frankly.

Well that changes the focus of spiritual actions and growth quite a bit. If those are the three directives, you can't go out "fighting for God" because you break the first directive. You can't accept abuse from corporations and politicians without recourse and attempts at such, because that breaks the second directive. And you can't go excluding people from your club, religion, race, and on and on, or watch animals or other humans starve to death so you can have a bigger house or worse, not understand that that is what happens when you want more and more and others have to give up more for you to have it, because that most certainly breaks the third directive.

So if all your discretions are not wiped away in one act, the only person standing alone, under the guidance of God, left to deal with the sins you do and the breaking of these directives, is uhhhhhh you!

What a novel thought!

To take full responsibility for your own actions, and your own behavior as we walk this road called life, living out what is essentially "school", in order to learn to do these things even better, each time we come here to learn it at a higher grade level.

If that's true, as I've been told it is, our purpose is to learn, and all other things that happen or occur are simply tools to help us do that. Changes the purpose of good and evil considerably, doesn't it? And it certainly changes the method for change from being talked at, to being proactive in our lessons.

So saving yourself first, from the misconceptions of teachings that work to make us more inclined to give up responsibility for our bad behavior, is the first, and biggest step toward saving not only ourselves, but all of our other human and animal spirits and plant and inanimate energies as well.

See, not so hard to save the world really! Save yourself first and the rest of us can follow.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

The Law of Attraction Can Kiss the Left Side of My Behind! (and that ain't no SECRET!)

Good grief!

I’m not one to knock a good marketing campaign, but enough is just enough!

People are stopping medications so they can manifest wellness, without real effort otherwise. Folks are abandoning all manner of sane behavior so that they can attract the future they want with their newfound attitude. Okay, so sometimes, for some people, that works. But the percentage it works for is miniscule in comparison to people learning a multitude of other lessons beside the Law of Attraction. So please - let’s just stop this nonsense. I can’t take the silliness for one more minute!